Sample Automation: ACTIVATE ALL HYPERLINKS in Excel file

Automation Description:
This tool allows you to ACTIVATE ALL HYPERLINKS in an Excel file, so that they are individually clickable and will open up the webpage. You can then save your original Excel file if you like the result, or otherwise close the file without saving it. – Note that this tool will NOT work with OpenOffice, you need Excel!

This tool now activates both properly formatted hyperlinks like http://www.domainname.anytld, AND ALSO abbreviated hyperlinks like domainname.anytld. “anytld” really can be ANY TLD as per ICANN’s list! Further, the tool will activate ALL hyperlinks, even if the cell contains other text too (like “click here” or whatever)! Just note that if this is the case, the cell will then hold the hyperlink only since Excel cells cannot combine the hyperlink formula AND other content (but we could).

You can choose whether to activate hyperlinks in ALL worksheets automatically, or in the ACTIVE worksheet only.

Example: You may have received or created an Excel file with many web links as cell content. Instead of individually inserting a hyperlink for each such cell, you can use this tool to insert the hyperlinks as formula – in all such cells in the file. When you then click any such cell, your browser will load and display the webpage.

Source file – waj: 45 Actions + Notes

Automation file – exe: 424 KB

Zip-package: waj file, exe file, example Excel file

Price: This Automation is free. Also, you can change the source file as you like.

Download the Automation: ACTIVATE ALL HYPERLINKS in Excel file

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