Automation Software Systems – what really matters

What really counts for an Automation Software System!Two of the top Automation System Providers boast with their number of predefined Actions: Automation Anywhere claims to have 380 Actions in their Premier edition – but strangely the Premier edition I got has not even half of that number, it has no more than 174 Actions (see here). And AutoMate claims to have 250 Actions in their Professional edition – but strangely the Professional edition I got offers a more modest 210 Actions (see here).

Hence you too may wonder: How comes that AutoMate and Automation Anywhere claim to have more Actions than they actually have? The answer is: Boasting with built-in Actions.

Only WinAutomation understates the number of predefined Actions on offer: They still say they’ve got 130, but meanwhile they have 182 Actions (see here). And RoboTask is entirely modest: They don’t mention the number of Actions at all – nonetheless they’ve got a great deal of them too (see here).

But is the number of Actions meaningful anyway? No, of course not! It is easy to inflate the number of Actions (by splitting related functionality into multiple Actions) or to keep it to a minimum (by combining related functionality into a single Action). Both you can see clearly in our Actions comparison table of the top Automation Systems, and also in our Summary Review comparison table of the top Automation Systems here.

So, what is it that really counts when you consider to get a modern Automation Software System?

What really matters:

  1. What can each of the offered Actions actually do?
  2. How much of what each Action does can the user influence?
  3. How useful is the activity a certain Action provides, ie how often is the user likely to use that Action?
  4. What is the variety of Variables offered, ie how easy will it be in general to design an Automation for whatever aim the user may have? – and
  5. How easy and intuitive is the Automation System, ie how flat is the learning curve?

Now see our comprehensive Automation Systems comparison table to find out how AutoMate, WinAutomation, RoboTask, and Automation Anywhere really compare!

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