Boasting with built-in Actions

You too may wonder: How comes that AutoMate, and even more so Automation Anywhere, claim to have far more Actions than they actually deliver with their software when you get it?

We found out: Both, AutoMate and Automation Anywhere use a crude way of counting their Actions. They count as standalone Actions what merely is just different properties of one and the same Action! While AutoMate is generally¬† secretive and don’t admit own weaknesses, Automation Anywhere was willing to share exactly how they got to that exaggerated number of built-in Actions.

They provided a company-internal Excel file that meticulously lists all Actions with the properties a user can set. Of course, each property is on a new row in Excel. And the total number of rows in that Excel document indeed is 380.

Now, this is a fairly amusing result of outstanding marketing effort! An example? Take the “Trim Text” Action. For Automation Anywhere this is not one Action but four:

  1. Trim Source String (well, you can enter a source string – great!)
  2. Trim – Assign output to Variable (well, you can indeed process the result – great!)
  3. Trim Options – Trim from left (yes, you can do this!)
  4. Trim Options – Trim from right (really, you can do this too!)

Even more amusing: Take the Action “If File Size”. For Automation Anywhere this is not one Action but six:

  1. If File Size equal to
  2. If File Size not equal to
  3. If File Size greater than
  4. If File Size greater than or equal to
  5. If File Size less than
  6. If File Size less than or equal to

Conversely, AutoMate cannot count their number of Actions the same way – then they would have 30,000 or so Actions! However, they too must use a strange way of counting their Actions, because as a matter of fact the number of Actions delivered with each of their editions and listed in their own “Actions list” is considerably less than the number of Actions their Marketing claims they offer.

RoboTask and WinAutomation don’t do this – they feel no need to exaggerate their number of built-in Actions (see The 10+1 most striking points to note on our Automation Systems Review).

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