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Value for Money of the Top Automation Systems

Quick insight:

How do the top Automation Software Systems compare in terms of Value for Money?

Leaving their marketing blurb aside – AutoMate, WinAutomation, RoboTask, and Automation Anywhere – how do they actually fare?

In Recommended edition AutoMate WinAutomation RoboTask Automation Anywhere
Value for Money (details below) 3.5 4.5 3.5 2.5
Price $1,495 $285 $120 $2,495
Fun factor (details below) No fun, hard work (eg to fill in all required properties, waiting for system to respond, to find related help, etc)! A lot of fun, can be addictive! Pleasure – but doesn’t amount to fun Annoying! – Number of problems (and help docu!) eat up the fun of first impression
Ease and speed of Automation design and editing Intricate and slow! Very easy and instantly! Easy and instantly (fastest!) Easy and acceptable speed
Hover-sensitive Action help NO YES NO NO
Automation flexibility/ room for creativity Very flexible! Very flexible Acceptable flexibility Limited flexibility!
Cause-based error handling YES YES NO NO
Design-time error detection NO YES – instantly, with cause! NO NO
Variables created/deleted dynamically NO YES NO NO
Sensible default naming of all Variables NO YES NO NO
Debugger YES – powerful, but unnecessarily difficult YES – powerful and easy NO NO
REGEX integration YES YES YES NO
Functionality built-in        
Actual number of Actions 210 182 132 174
Number of genuinely different Actions 162 111 98 83
Number of Data Types 13 8 6 6
Number of execution triggers 15 10 17 13
Mathematical and other Functions Hundreds! Limited 88 (mostly non-mathematical) VERY limited!
Expression builder YES – very powerful! NO NO NO
Built-in User Input Recorder NO YES YES – but only mouse movements and clicks, no keyboard input! YES
Customer Support responsiveness Non-existent! (“Your ticket will be closed in one week” – “Closed!”) Outstanding – fast, friendly, personal Quick, but bare minimum, impersonal, and unprofessional Slow and impersonal, but friendly


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