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Below you find the Automation Solutions Repository of sample Automations – which will grow over time (it’s new)! Note that it is easy and rewarding for you to offer your own Automations here too!

You can download and use each of these Automations. They have all been built using standard Actions of the respective Automation System, hence they are entirely safe to use.

Note that our community of Automation Experts is ready to build for you any Automation Solution you desire – and so quickly that it will take your breath away!

Ideally, we would like to see to become THE worldwide repository for Automation Solutions of any kind! To give the site the best chance, we have opted for the combination of Automation Systems and Automation Solutions – and this site clearly already provides the most in-depth Automation Systems Review of any kind!

Now, the world is not ideal, but if does go that way we will also come up with a state-of-the-art classification and description system, so that each Automation (code, in the end) can be found more easily in the world wild web.

See here how easy and rewarding it is for you to offer your own Automations too!

Always be aware that the above Automations are just some example Automation Solutions – which may be more or less appropriate for your own current needs or desires. Note that generally no work or other action is too small, too extensive or too complicated to be automated. In fact, modern Automation Systems like AutoMate, WinAutomation, RoboTask, and Automation Anywhere make the automation of almost any identified process easy and quick.

Easy like one - two - three!Almost any private or business, work or other action, can be automated. Whether reading and replying to Correspondence, Invoicing, Word, Email, Spreadsheet, Sales, Marketing, Web, Social Media, Image and Video Processing, or Job Scheduling and Auto-Triggering – just about anything can be done. Especially, where people routinely believe “But THIS cannot be automated” – well, it can!

“Human intervention” or “Decision Making” very rarely prevents Automation – in almost all cases Automation Experts can quickly build a suitable, flexible, and helpful Automation Solution. Personally I have built complete automated business packages – including security, data integrity, licensing, updates, etc – all automatically provided by the Automation Solution, and as flexible as needed.

You can read more about today’s possibilities of Automation under The Evolution of Labour.

So, get in touch. Or, if you have, offer your own Automations too.

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