How to offer your own Automation Solutions

To share or offer your own Automation Solutions on is easy – and rewarding too. Look on your hard drive and consider the Automations you’ve built in the past: Whether small or large, specific or general – regardless of the Automation System you used(!) – if you have an Automation that is “cool” or useful, share it here! There are thousands if not millions of people out there who may be looking for “that little cute tool” that you’ve got!

How easy it is to offer your own Automation Solutions on

Easy as one - two - three!


  1. Register your Guest Author Login (see on the right)
  2. Publish a post page where you describe your Automation Solution
  3. Add a download button (and if you want a payment button too)


If you don’t know how to do this, or if you cannot host your Automations, no problem – help is at hand! Just register your Guest Author Login and concisely describe what your Automation Solution does. We can do the rest. At the moment, we will even do this for free.

We have the experience to integrate all sorts of features by adding standard templates, eg for trial period, licensing and security, updates and upgrades – of course, all automatic. An example of what can be done you can see from the TEXT MASTER – a Wizard package built by the site originator that includes all these features. Just download it here and be surprised.

Why it is rewarding for you to offer your own Automation Solutions on

How you can benefit!


  1. You get a wider market exposure
  2. You find like-minded people – and possibly even customers
  3. You directly get 100% of any price you may want to charge


Where’s the catch? None. You have no cost but all the glory! – Obviously, you must not do or claim anything unlawful or unethical on our site! Because it would be our reputation that you ruin. Just be as fair to everyone else as you’d probably expect everyone else to be fair to you too. Then you make us, yourself, and the visitors happy.

So, why not give it a try? Take that Automation you’ve got there, and offer it here: Register your Guest Author Login (see on the right).

Presumably, there reside already a few thousand Automations on the hard drives of people who own an Automation System. The Automation System Providers do not support the sharing of these and the necessary promotion in their user forums as much as they could – they prefer to sell more Automation Systems (doh!). However, if we can get a number of people together with Automations to share, from YOU and others, we have a useful repository for everyone, including yourself! ๐Ÿ˜‰

So, if YOU have an Automation Solution of your own that you can share (regardless what Automation System you used!), you are invited to offer it to the world here too! Ideally, you share simple Automations for free but charge for the professional ones to document the value. Consider that even a tiny Automation tool can mean huge productivity benefits to businesses – and businesses are people. What if just one such person will see YOUR Automation tool?!

Simply register for your Guest Author Login here.

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