Sample Automation: Change PLURAL NOUNS to SINGULAR NOUNS

Automation Description:
This tool allows you to change PLURAL NOUNS to SINGULAR NOUNS. Analysis is case INsensitive. – NOTE: In many situations it makes no sense to have BOTH Singular and Plural words in a list that you need to process. I tried and tested PLURAL NOUN to SINGULAR NOUN conversion for some time when I needed it for one of my professional WIZARDS, and this tiny tool is able to correctly transform almost all PLURAL NOUNS – fast. Naturally, this tool makes extensive use of REGEX.

Source file – waj: 40 Actions + Notes

Automation file – exe: 436 KB

Zip-package: waj file, exe file, one example txt file

Price: This Automation is free. Also, you can change the source file as you like.

Download the Automation: Change PLURAL NOUNS to SINGULAR NOUNS

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