Sample Automation: DOFOLLOW Link Checker

Automation Description:
This tool allows you to automatically check a list of URLs for those that allow DOFOLLOW links. It also checks if you can use Anchor Text links in eg the comments you post. If you cannot use Anchor Text links in your comment, you immediately know that you should use an Anchor Text link as your name.

Example: You may have found or created a list of URLs that you want to use to post comments with links back to your own website. But this approach is only really useful if the third party site allows DOFOLLOW links, ie links without the tag rel=”nofollow”. Further, the biggest benefit you would have if you can use Anchor Text links in your comment. Therefore, this tool checks for this feature too.

Note: If you are using Scrapebox, you may have noticed that Scrapebox finds it (surprisingly) difficult to determine if a website uses the tag rel=”nofollow”. Currently, Scrapebox is unable to determine this (correctly). If you have this DOFOLLOW Link Checker, you can simply use the list of URLs “harvested” by Scrapebox to check if they are truly suitable to post your comments.

The DOFOLLOW Link Checker is two generations ahead: 1) It reliably determines if a website can be used to add backlinks to your own site, and 2) In addition, it also tells you if you can use the important Anchor Text as a backlink, or if your only chance is to make your name a backlink. In this quick tool, feature 2) at the moment mainly works for WordPress sites (as I have only used the footprint for WordPress sites). However, you could quickly add other footprints too if you need it.

In short: TheĀ DOFOLLOW Link Checker makes backlinking much more effective and efficient!

Source file – waj: 69 Actions + Notes

Automation file – exe: 496 KB

Zip-package: waj file, exe file, one example txt file

Price: This Automation is free. Also, you can change the source file as you like.

Download the Automation: DOFOLLOW Link Checker

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