The Evolution of Labour

The Evolution of Labour: From early physical work to today's AUTOMATION

  • Think 200 years back, and most work was of a physical nature. It often required heavy lifting, shifting, pushing, pulling, or carrying.
  • Think a hundred years back, and most work had become manually challenging, rather than physically exhaustive.
  • Think ten years back, and most work was done with the help of computers.
  • Today, most work is done by computers with the help of human individuals, because too many people still believe that they are needed.
  • Soon, many people will realize that human intervention in fact is rarely necessary, and most work will be automated.
  • Later, most work will be done by bionic devices – but you and I won’t experience that stage of the evolution of labour.

Areas for Automation

What I have experienced today is that the majority of my daily duties my computer can better do without me – and you can experience this too. Software Automation or Process Automation is the key, and with the right Automation Tools or Automation Systems almost anything can be automated quickly, at low or no extra cost. Whether Office Automation or Business Automation, Sales Automation or Marketing Automation, Web Automation or Home Automation – you’ll be surprised as much as I was surprised some time ago!

Type of work and other action suitable for Automation

With the right Automation Tool or Automation System, Automation Experts can deploy Automation Solutions quicker than you can do the work or other actions yourself once or twice. What does this mean? It means that Automation should be considered where you are doing anything repeatedly or where you are faced with a one-time but difficult or time-consuming work or other action.

Is Automation easy or difficult?

Do you need an Automation Expert to do this? No. If you want, you can quickly become an Automation Expert yourself. Modern Automation Systems like AutoMate, WinAutomation, RoboTask, and Automation Anywhere have made this a no-brainer. Well, this is not entirely true. In fact, to design the Automation your brain is needed indeed. You will need to think through, step by step, what you are repeatedly doing or planning to do one-time.

If you wonder how steep the learning curve of modern Automation Systems is, instead of saying “fairly flat” I can give a precise example:

A practical example

From knowing nothing about Automation and Automation Systems, with WinAutomation I was able to build my first Automation on the first day. It was work of the type one-time, tedious, and extremely time-consuming. In fact, I calculated how much time I would need to do the work myself (discovering the frequency distribution of keyphrases that are most often searched for online, in over 700 industries). It would have taken a few hundred years. Instead, with the Automation Software I had now a way to let the computer do every bit of it! After 9 days flat I was presented with all the results. It had cost me one day of work – instead of a few hundred years.

What’s being automated most

I admit, this first Automation was an extreme, one-time example (I’ve never had any similar work to do). In fact, most Automation Solutions that I’ve built since then fit more in the category infrequent use and slightly too time-consuming to perform the work or other action myself. However, since Automation is so quick, and since I find many things tedious that I do more than twice, I prefer to automate a lot of work and other actions anyway. Frequently I also realize: “This may help someone else too!”

Of course, the problem for anyone will be to find the Automation Solutions needed in the World Wide Web. One more reason to make sure that you right-click now to bookmark it. – And do offer your own Automations if you have any that you can make public.

Do you need to be technical in order to automate?

Does modern Automation require some sort of scripting or recording? No. Forget about macros, scripts, recorders, batch processing, and task tools – costly, time-consuming, and fixed-in-stone “want-to-be” automation.

Modern Automation Systems like AutoMate, WinAutomation, RoboTask, and Automation Anywhere have nothing in common with that (unless you want them to record something). You need not learn and may never see a single line of programming code. You need not first record your own action in order to have it replicated by the Automation Solution. And you are not restricted to some individual and limited or obscure tasks either. Instead, with modern Automation Systems the scope for Automation at your workplace and in your private life is almost unlimited.

But clear and logical thinking is a must!

Assuming you have clear and logical thinking, the one-time cost of a modern Automation System can continually provide you with an almost magical way to drag and drop some individual actions that will perform your work or other actions automatically. At no extra cost, as often as you like, fast and flexible. – A time-saver. A life-saver. And a lot of fun too!

Flexibility built in

The flexibility you build in, you get out. What you routinely decided or would have to decide for a difficult or time-consuming work or other action, your Automation Solution can decide for you. You can choose to trigger the start of the work or other action, or you can choose an auto-trigger to do so – once, regularly, or irregularly. You can observe the work during its performance, or you can go out or on holiday in the meantime. You can have everything being done up to the final results, or you can obtain interim results and step-by-step feedback.

You have complete control over what is being performed. This means, you can even design the Automation in a way that it controls the work or other action for you.

Get your hands on it – Play with it – Love it!

Look around here, see and download some sample Automations, review them and consider what you may like to have automated yourself, and how easy and quick this is likely to be too.

The modern Automation System with the lowest purchase price by far (and trend-setting customer service!) is WinAutomation from the Greek company Softomotive. You can personally check out their Automation System and automate as much as you like within a 30-day trial period! – I was hooked within a day, and I purchased it on the second!

Anything else maybe?

Last but not least, you’ll notice that if you automate minor or major work or other actions for others too, you can make some decent friends. Most people appreciate when you help them save time, and some people will even love you for doing it. For the beneficiary it feels like having one or several personal assistants at no cost – and without the remorse that exploiting slaves would or should involve.

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