Sample Automation: RESIZE IMAGES in bulk

Automation Description:
This tool allows you to RESIZE MULTIPLE IMAGES. The tool uses your default graphic software and its standard settings. The purpose of this tool was to downsize images in bulk to use them on the web. – Most of the time I use IRFANVIEW as quick default graphic software (it’s free, you can Google it). Accordingly, the keystrokes that are being sent to the graphic software are those for Irfanview. If you use this tool for different graphic software, you’ll have to adapt the keystrokes being sent.

Source file – waj: 55 Actions + Notes

Automation file – exe: 504 KB

Zip-package: waj file, exe file, three example images

Price: This Automation is free. Also, you can change the source file as you like.

Download the Automation: RESIZE IMAGES in bulk

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